Having your cake and eat it too!!

       When your young you can eat basicly anything you want because and your digestive system and  your pancres works more effectivly , food gets broken down more effectivly . Using natural digestive enzymes help lower colesterol , lower blood pressure  and loose weight so you can have your cake and eat it too. what I mean is you have to buy food to eat , but it feels as though you can never eat eveything  you want . If you do then you will not be able to put your pants on or tie your shoes. If you felt like this then enzymes may help try Probiotic multi enzymes with full spectrum enzyme formula.

Enzymes , Whats that.

      What are enzymes you might ask , Enzymes are mainly proteins stucture that help break down food into smaller particals that our body  can use ,enzymes can also be live cultures in the billions.These enzymes help break down  fats , sugers , carobohydrates and proteins, without enzymes  from a outside source  then a lot of the food that is eaten does not get broken down because a lot of the foods we eat are processed foods, that have no natural enzymes that our body need's to break that food down.

     Enzymes are  broken down into three types Digistive Enzymes, Food Enzymes , Metabolic Enzymes . All these types are needed by the body but all of the are not made in a large enough quanity by the body , in order to get some of these we need to use suppliments that you can get at a store or online . When you eat processed foods you need extra enzymes to help break down that food . If you do not then the food can take a long time to leave the body, cuasing other problems like diarea and being constipated . Some of the foods contain antibacteria which will cuase problemes in the bowls. Antibacteria and enzymes will try to destroy each other , and usually enzymes will be loose the battle , which will lower the total number of good bacteria , and enzymes that are essential for food to be broken down.

       Supplemental enzymes are needed to break down all the processed  foods , such as  fats , proteins , sugers , these are the main one's in my opinion simply because of the human diet of many people .Most people don't have time to eat right , they simply have to eat what ever is available. Of course they like thier comfort food   and as you might guess comfort food is not good for you. Processed food would be more nutrishus if  the body could break it down more effectivly, the only problem is prossesed foods don't contian enough or any diagistive enzymes needed to effectivly break the food down correctly.The body of normal child would have more enzymes to break down fast food  than a grown adult , the older we get the less enzymes are body's make .  Most comfort food like fast food at restrants are full of fats , sugers , sodium, carbohydrates at very high levels that are very hard for our bodys to break  these foods down . What usually happenes after eating large meals such as fast food cheesburgers , you gain waight  and your blood pressure goes up, and  increase your chances of developing diabetes.
So as you can see using natural supplemental enzymes come in several differnet types digestive , food and metoblic . As you  can see they can be very helpfull in   weight loss, help lower cholesterol, help prevent diabetes, and make the fast food 'processed " more nutritional . I have been using enzymes for over 60 days and I can tell you without a doubt they truly helped me more then anything I have tried before .That is only using enzymes and no hard exiercise, or avoiding any type of food. In the last 2 mounth's I have lost enough weight to wear a pair of pants I have not worn in 15 year's.  If you need to loose weight or improve your life by lowering your cholesterol , or lower your blood pressure  or help lower your blood suger than I  would highly recommend enzymes . They will also increase your energy level, enzymes even help reduce soreness and imflamation. These enzymes can be found in many differnt brands just pick one that has a full spectrum of enzymes and several billion active cultures per seving , the more the better,when it comes to weight loss. One suppliments that I use and seems to work very well is Probiotic  Multi-Enzymes that you can  get online or at walmart. As I have said I have been using these enzymes for over two mounths and seem to be very effective . It takes several weeks before you start to experience all the benifits but I believe thay will certiantly help if you suffer from any of the above problems.

Experiment #1

    In futher experiments In the effectivness of the supplimental enzymes I  will document the effects of the enzymes have on my father who is trying to lower his cholesterol , and high blood pressure . So check back for updates on this experiment.